Memorial Day Recap – Part 1


We here at Gramicci were lucky enough to spend this memorial day weekend up in good ol Bishop, CA. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the town’s annual Mule Days festivities (yes, random fun fact – Bishop is the Mule Capital of the world), we found time to do a little bouldering in our epic Natural Performance Technology - NPT shirts. We also managed to squeeze in a awesome hike up to Ruby Lake!


Here are a few shots from the first leg of the trip – bouldering with the locals in the Sads.


Here we go!


Getting warmed up.





Up (again)....



Pressing into the shoot.


Prepping for Strength In Numbers. V5.


Planning the approach.


A closer look.


Going for it.


Molly. V5.

Countdown to the dream ride



Woke up this morning at 5am.  In the garage where all the bikes hang next to the climbing gear are piles of outstanding Gramicci clothes, cycling gear, sun block, water bottles... Next to these piles are the small mountains of climbing gear selected for the climbing section of this trip.  Last night I spent time sorting gear and clothes and explaining this whole dream to a good friend Danny, a national champion mtn bike racer, collegiate national champion rider as well, peppers me with questions of why?, where?, what for?  
For 20+ years of driving across the Nevada Desert to end up in Yosemite my mind often drifts to the wonder of attempting to ride my bike instead of driving.  To wake up before dawn to ride quiet roads with little wind.  To smell and hear the desert before the heat of day scatters life into the shade.  To sleep out under the stars 100s of miles from the nearest city light, gazing at the milky way galaxy.
My bike is in tiptop shape. I have small headlights & tail lights, a saddle bag.  Things that never attach themselves to my bike in efforts to keep in light and race ready.  Now my bike is a cross of some Tour de France race machine and a touring bicycle. My partners for this journey include Grant, a double knee replacement patient and Clayton, a young college grad with no current job prospects.  Simply, Grant is a beast.  Strong as an ox and ready for anything.  His knee surgeries 3yrs ago have renewed his interest in being athletic.  We met at the local gym sharing stories of adventures we want to "someday" get to.  


Well here we are.  Clayton is the newest addition. Only met him 2 days ago after a friend told me about him and his need for adventure before finding true employment.  Nearly graduated from Wildlife Biology he enjoys the chance to wander the desert some looking at the barren ecology.  He is our driver.

Why a driver?, ... Danny asks.
With my lung condition I could drop into respiratory arrest in cold wet weather.  Grant with his new knees is not totally clear to ride with extra luggage weight.  Beside, we have these additional dreams of climbing and will need that gear in Yosemite when we get there.

Why do these things?, ...Danny asks
I want to join forces with like minded people who want a better community, a sustainable setting for youth to be supported and inspired.   Gramicci is all about these same values.  
Thanks everyone for helping me make this dream come true.

- Jon





Did you see us in Outside Mag’s recent online article discussing the most influential gear of all time? Well we are in there! The good ol’ tried and true Original G Short has not only withstood the test of time (heck we are 30 now), but has also risen to the top as a shining north star of quality, game-changing gear.


No surprise to us here at Gramicci. We’ve been diggin’ these shorts since day one and are stoked the rest of the world feels the same!


Thanks Outside for the love and quality representation of the Original G. 


Feel free to share, post and spread the word!  The more clicks, posts and shares we get the higher the G Short will be on the front page of Outside Mag (online)! You can read the article here



Dear Gramicci,


My Gramicci apparel has come through for me in all kinds of situations, from sprinting through an airport terminal to crimping my way up a boulder. I love that Gramicci never sacrifices form for function, either - the clothes are tough enough to keep up with me in the backcountry, but rock enough style points to look good just hanging around town. It's great to have a shirt that I can drag up a rock face in the morning, then wash in a sink and have it ready to wear out to dinner that night.
Thanks for making great threads; keep up the good work.


Billy Brown



jonny b. bikes!

Jon goofing around after a 20 mile uphill ride in the snow at 12,000 feet no less.

1) Please state your name:

Jon Bernhard.

2) Do you have any nicknames?


3) Current living location and why?

I live in Buena Vista, CO. Why? I am a teacher of science at an alternative high school. BV is a great location for climbing, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, mtn biking, and only 2 hours from the hospital that keeps me alive.

Jon kicking it old school. 

4) When did you start rock climbing?

I started climbing in 1985-86. Was forced to take up a new activity due to a mysterious lung disease that took advantage of my life. Thanks to my brother, Todd, climbing became a forefront activity of my life ever since.

5) Most memorable climb?

Most memorable climb, wow..., that's a tough one,  I'd have to say there are two.


First was 1991 on Salathe Wall in Yosemite when we got stuck in a rain storm 22 pitches up for 3 days.  We couldn't rappel off due to the lightening and we were soaked through and through for 72 hrs.  But we hung tough and waited things out.  


The other most memorable climb is "Arizona Highways". A route I was fortunate to help complete the first ascent of on the Royal Tower in Alaska. Not only did we put up a new first free ascent we actually completed the first ever ascent of this tower. A great experience of using all the climbing "tricks in the book" over a 38hr window of effort and 32 pitches of rock, ice, snow climbing.

Climbing in Alaska

6) Most memorable fall?

35 footer while leading an A4 pitch on sketchy pins and copper heads.  Or coming off King Cat at Indian Creek just before the anchors falling long enough to have time to look at my belayer wondering if they would actually catch the fall or would I stack up on the ground.

7) Fav Food?

Sushi.  Anything spicy.  Stupidly strong coffee.

8) Fav color?

Electric midnight blue

9) What do people need to know about you?

 I am an advocate for living life to the fullest.  Good health and adventure is the key to life. I believe in honest hard work and never taking advantage of others.  I think people should always do their part to care for themselves, care for others, and build a sense of community. I'm strong willed and competitive with myself to extreme levels.

Jon biking the Poison Spider Trail in Moab, Utah.

10)  Any big trips coming up?

Big trips?...2012 will see a renewed sense of full adventures.  Ride the kokopeli trail by mtn bike, ride my bike to Yosemite then go climbing half dome and el cap, then finish this year off with a life long dream journey to the himalayas to climb Ama Dablam. All these adventures will be used to raise awareness for children with lung disease issues and awareness for the lung disease I struggle with.

11) What is your dream climbing trip?

To live in a Chevy astro van again, traveling with the seasons, climbing for an entire summer in Yosemite & the high sierras, head back to the Alaskan back country for more ascents of remote peaks, and spend time climbing alongside long time friends around the world.  To bring my brother with me since my passion for climbing is all his fault.

Jon relaxing on an El Capitan spire. 

12) Someone once told me people climb to face their fear of falling and fear of heights, is this why you climb? If not, why do you climb?

Why do I climb?... Great question. Because in 1987 doctors told me I had 6 months to live. That was 25yrs ago now. I climb, travel, adventure, etc. to enjoy all that life has to offer. To live life to its fullest.  My fear of falling is not of falling from climbing but of not experiencing a fulfilling life of family, community, friends, and adventure.

13) Is there a certain approach you take to climbing given your lung condition?

Given my lung conditions, which will only continue to deteriorate, I must approach climbing in a methodical and paced approach. I train in a steady progression, which allows my body to recover from hard efforts of climbing. Over the last 25yrs of living with lung tissue decay I have been fortunate to learn from this disease how to listen to my body and what levels of effort I can strive for.

Lung disease is not holding Jon back!

14) What is your favorite Gramicci item to date?

All that Gramicci is.  Here is a list of Gramicci clothes I have a love affair with:
Riley's farm hoodie
Wheeler endurance tee
Imperial shirt
Rocking sport shorts
Hemp organic summit crew basically live in the thing every day
Felton crew
Red rock shirt
Granite shirt




This Saturday was the SCS regional championship competition here in Southern California. It was held at the Boulderdash climbing gym located in Westlake Village. Boulderdash is known for having some of the highest rock walls in all of California, and just so happens to be no more than 10 minutes from the Gramicci office!

What a day for climbing it was! The competition was fierce, the climbing was impressive and the people were just all around fantastic. We here at Gramicci were lucky enough to have the opportunity to help sponsor this event. We had a tent, gave away some of our famous NPTTM tee’s, as well as heaps of free doughnuts and coffee to keep the crowd going.

Thank you to all who came out to support the event this Saturday! We enjoyed chatting with you at the tent and were super stoked to see such awesome climbing. Thanks to the folks at Boulderdash as well. Job well done!

Here are some pics from the event.


West Coast Rep Moss Bemis mans the tent!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, its the super rad Gramicci Subaru! Did you scan for a free shirt?!


Kiddos waiting for their next climb. 


Little dude tying his own rope minutes before he crushed the route!


Getting ready to start the speed climbing competition! 


Gal hitting up the speed comp route.



Hi Friends @ Gramicci,


 Just writing you my letter to tell you how much I love my Gramicci clothing and how often I wear it. I am often caught wearing your sweatshirts, waffle knit shirts, crushed velvet hoodie and/or pants.  It could be morning, afternoon or evening.  I recently went on a trip to Zion National Park in Utah.  We did a lot of hiking.  I would have been lost without my Gramicci sweatshirts - good thing I bought more than 1 with me to keep me warm, they layer quite nicely.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the way your clothes are made to last for years.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything made with hemp in your line. 


 Although I am very active with my Gramicci's - I like to hike, ski and visit theme parks in my comfortable clothing, I often find my favorite place to wear my Gramicci's are at home - lounging on my couch....


Thanks again!

Connie Chisholm



Image from the cover of the book "Up - A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure."

Gramicciheads – have you heard of that mom from New Hampshire who took her daughter hiking? OK, well, not just hiking, peak bagging. Together they summited all of New Hampshire’s highest mountains… 48 of them to be exact.  Wait, did I tell you her daughter did all of this when she was the ripe ol’ age of… 5?!


Talk about a Mother’s Day story!


Patricia Ellis Herr penned the amazing mother/daughter adventures she and her daughter Alex had in a recently published book entitled, “Up – A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure.” While we here at Gramicci have yet to actually read the book, the premise of the story alone is intriguing. Alex’s younger sister Sage has also completed all 48 of these trails at the same age Alex did (age 5), along side her mother and sister.


You can read more about Up at the family website:

Countdown to Mother’s Day



Hopefully, Gramicciheads, you are not reading this and instantly being filled with the dread of forgetfulness and then the panic of what to do. If so, consider this a friendly reminder to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and show your mama some love this Sunday (that would be May 13th).


We here at Gramicci can offer an easy solution to the annual “what do I get my mom for Mother’s Day” question – Gramicci of course! We are currently having a 25% off on all women’s wear sale at in the spirit of Mother’s Day.  Hooray!


All plugs aside, Mother’s Day is indeed on the forefront. Everyone from the Sierra Club to Bootprints are offering great Mother’s Day tips to make sure this Sunday is nothing but sunshine, flowers, and big smiles for the benefactors of our lives (aka your mom).


Like we said earlier – consider this your friendly reminder. No one likes a sad-faced mom on Mother’s Day. 

high five for a great weekend


Mornin’ Gramicciheads!


Thanks to everyone to made it out to TWO awesome events this weekend. We had the pint night going on in Colorado and the grand opening of the Field Study Pop Up store here in Los Angeles. Turn out was fantastic for both. Thanks a million for making that a fun night!


If you missed the events, you can still go in, check out and shop Gramicci. Here are the addresses for each store.



Space 15Twenty

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028




812 Grand Avenue

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


We will post photos from the pop up store soon! 

Our Mantra

Happy almost Friday Gramicciheads!

Follow the tracks…. Why we love Bootprints.


Alrighty Gramicciheads, if you have not heard of Bootprints yet, we are here to tell you this is one email sign up you will not regret.  Every week we get an amazing email focusing on some sort of outdoorsy subject. It’s short, sweet, very entertaining and complete with pictures. (Hooray pictures!) There is the option to click through and peruse the site further (which I also recommend) either nationally focused or just Denver focused (lucky ducks!). They cover a variety of topics ranging from adventures to gear reviews.


According to their web site, the purpose behind their email blasts is to “make sure you never waste another weekend.” If you love the outdoors and are looking for a little inside scoop on outdoor escapades, tips and general outdoor happiness that are all a little off the usual radar, we say go for it – sign up for some Bootprints