Bimini Horstmann

Bimini Horstmann

Climbing was never a hobby for Bimini Horstmann; it was her passion from day one. From the moment she first saw a climbing wall at the age of six at a fair in New York, she knew she needed to climb it. She remembers feeling a sensation different from that of any other sport she had tried. “I felt free and exhilarated and sad when it was over,” she describes. “I wanted to feel that exhilaration over and over again.”

Bimini is a young up and coming climber from Newton, MA. Born in 1999, she has 10 years of climbing experience under her belt and many more ahead of her.

At her first International competition, the Youth Pan-American Games in Santiago, Chile, she won the silver medal in both speed climbing and overall. One of her first professional competitions was the 2015 Heist, an all female ropes and bouldering competition where she placed second. She recently competed in the U.S. Adult Sport & Speed Climbing Nationals and earned a spot on the Adult U.S. Climbing Team. She will be representing the U.S. in Sport and Speed at the Adult World Championships in Paris.

Climbing in competitions is what allows Bimini to express her competitive side and to stay motivated for specific goals. Her training routine involves climbing in the gym with her team and close friends three to four days a week for three hours a day. Her training varies by season depending on what skills she is focused on, but she is always refining her skills and pushing herself. She currently has her sights set on competing in the World Cup Circuit in the next two years.

For Bimini, climbing is a test of her own determination. She loves the feeling of being so far off the ground and looking at the world from a different perspective. Part of the draw for her is the freedom climbing gives her, knowing that her ability to make a move is not dependent on any one else’s performance.

Her future sights are set on exploring and expanding her climbing skills outdoors. She recently got the first female ascent of a 5.12a route called Twisted Buddha at a deep-water solo location in Western Massachusetts. “The route is very freeing because all I need is my chalk bag and shoes,” she says. Climbing outside on rock provides a different kind of exhilaration for Bimini. Outside she feels more focused on the feeling of freedom and conquering a beautiful challenge set by nature.

Her love for deep water soloing attracts her to some exotic locations. On the top of her list of dream climbing destinations, is Thailand. The rock quality, stalactites and beautiful views over the ocean attract her to the area. Traveling to new places and meeting new people are all a part of her motivation and enthusiasm for climbing. “I love the inclusive community of dedicated athletes from all around that world,” she explains. “Climbing unites people despite cultural and linguistic barriers.”

Bimini has accomplished some commendable goals for her young age and she is just getting started. “I am interested in environmental conservation as a career path, so Gramicci’s sustainability is really important to me,” she explains. “I really appreciate that their clothes are made from organic products that are environmentally efficient while also being extremely comfortable and easy to move in for climbing.”